Monday, July 14, 2008

Update on my plot

I've let all of this reporting on weeds shade out my observations about a few plants that I intend to keep.  (But one last note: the Boston Natural Areas Network is holding a workshop on identifying garden pests at 6:00 tomorrow, in the garden.)

With the volunteer strawberries pretty much picked over, the wait is on now for our first tomatoes.  The four different seedlings given to us by friends are about full-grown and flowering.  The yellow sungolds appear to be in the lead, already bearing a few yellow-green tomatoes.

Many perennials are in full bloom, including echinacea, bee balm, and coreopsis.  In our plot, the black-eyed susans are up to my waist.  I seem to forget each year how long it takes for the flowers to appear.  They can be such a tease, with their finger-like petals clasped over their faces as if they were playing a long game of hide-and-seek.

Finally, the tallest sunflower is the garden appears to be one of the two volunteers growing in our plot, at about 6 feet.  After a little watering and a few showers these past few days, much of the garden is bushy and green.  With the exception of a little weeding and deadheading, I'm trying to take the time to relax, examine, and enjoy all of our hard work for the next few weeks before the serious harvesting begins.

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