Sunday, January 10, 2010

More herbs indoors

Today I followed through on my plan to continue growing herbs indoors. My previous efforts have had mixed results. We have been harvesting the parsley and new sprigs that rise up to replace them; although I've been told by other gardeners that the flavor diminishes with the new growth, I haven't tried it on its own to make a comparison. The German thyme that I had moved indoors has been sorely neglected. Call it preoccupation with the holidays, or a lapse in executive functioning, but in any case, maybe I should harvest it in its already-dried state.With a vacancy under the grow lights until tomatoes are sown in March, I have decided to start a few varieties of herbs in the hopes that I can get them established enough to transfer them to sunny windows and have a nice kitchen garden in the spring. I prepared recycled cell packs with a layer of gravel because herbs like soil with good drainage. If I had some sand handy, I would have added a little to the potting mix, but with vigilance I hope to maintain the right level of moisture.The four varieties include dill and coriander that I snapped up from Daphne's giveaway (seeds she had saved). My friend Kim provided me with leftover cilantro seeds, and I found some sweet basil, not my most recent seeds, so I hope they'll take. And now I need to add alerts to check on and water these young ones, not to mention turn on and off the grow lights. I haven't found much online about folks starting herbs at this time of year; in any case, any insights are welcome.


Bryan Bunch said...

Those herbs should start easily. I had never started basil from seed until you suggested it, and I found that it worked well. Dill often reseeds itself.

Sally said...

Dill grew like a weed in my old MSG plot. I have never started basil indoors from seed, but seeding outdoors has usually worked for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

Giulietta the Muse said...


You are a gardening rebel! Starting an herb garden in the middle of winter is refreshing and ingenious. Good luck with this endeavor.


Giulietta the Muse said...

sally, someone just sent me this.

Sally said...

Thanks for sharing that link. Impressive greenhouse. I don't think my project will sustain me that much--maybe provide enough basil for a pot of pasta.