Sunday, January 31, 2010

Herbs and Greenway update

With grow lights an inch or two above them, all four of my herb varieties planted on January 10 have germinated. First up were a few of the dill seeds (third group from the left in the photos below), then the 2008 basil (at left). I thought I would have more success with the coriander, but all I have so far is a small finger sticking out of the soil (at right). The most pleasant surprise has been the cilantro; not only were the seeds a few years old, but cilantro (second from left) is fussier than many other herbs when it comes to watering and circulation in the soil. Hopefully I can keep them in enough light and heat so they don't become spindly. The cilantro and dill are looking a little emaciated already.About saving the Greenway Gardens, I've received a little feedback (here and elsewhere) on my previous post ranging from "great writing" to "a little skewed" and even "whining." To the first I say thanks, and regarding the second, it was nice to have a response from someone who lives near the Gardens and who knows a few individuals from the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. Basically, my main purpose of the post was to address the issue of possible plans to remove the gardens, not to accuse the Conservancy of failing to be civic-minded in their goals; they also want people to come together and use the space. A few days after my post, local journalist Karen Cord Taylor explained in more detail the breakdown in communication and collaboration between the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and the Conservancy. The different perspectives (as well as comments) shed more light on the complexities of these issues. The encouraging development is that the Conservancy's executive director has stated, according to the post, that "these parcels will remain gardens." We'll see.


Dan said...

The herbs look good. You should have some to snip before they go outside. I have started my onions and one tomato so far. The rest I am trying to resist starting... :-)

Barb Mann said...

Just a comment on why your plants may be a bit spindly--these herbs all like cool conditions. In my unheated greenhouse where it freezes every night still, the dill has come up all over, and my cilantro, which was started in October and has spent the winter as short rosettes, is thinking about starting to wake up (and, oh, coriander is the seed of cilantro, so I've been a little confused about your reference to them as different plants). Anyway, if you can manage really bright light during the day and a significant temperature dip at night, they will all be happy!

Sally said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck with what you have started. Based on onion plants I remember seeing at your site, I think you'll do fine.

Thanks for the advice on keeping things cool at night. Do you think that the basil would like that, too? And I didn't know that coriander is the seed of cilantro; I've always heard about one of the other and I'm just starting to get into using fresh herbs more in cooking. This is one of the advantages of the blog, getting comments that set me straight (right, Dan?). Thanks again.

Giulietta the Muse said...

Hey Sally, Just read the info added by Karen. Continue to express your voices!

If the conservancy and others want people to use the space then it makes sense to ask the people what they want instead of deciding for them what they think they should want. After all, the people of Boston OWN the space as far as I know.

We all need to wake-up and participate! Keep us posted ..

Giulietta, Inspirational Rebel