Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prelude to spring

Winter has returned to Boston.  A few inches of snow will coat the ground today and a storm coming through starting around midnight will dump even more.  So much for the sign of spring that I spotted in my backyard as I was taking out the compost on Friday.

Despite a strong indecisive wind, the temperature reached a high of 58 degrees Fahrenheit, so finding snowdrops in bloom did not come as a complete surprise.  Besides, this perennial, which is native to Europe, can bloom as early as January.  The bulbs were given to us about ten years ago by Mitchell, a friend of ours who lives down the street from the MSG, and they have multiplied slowly, benefitting from a sunny south-facing slope.  Their drop-shaped blooms are hardy enough to poke out from underneath snow, perhaps even the several more inches that will cover them by tomorrow.
Snow cover as of this posting


Dan said...

This must have been an exciting find. We have yet to have any blooms pop up but I am expecting them soon. Spring is only a few weeks away!

Your snowdrops have a nice green tip on the flower.

Bryan Bunch said...

I love the snowdrops. All we have is a few green shoots poking up from the daffodils. Even the witch hazel, which sometimes blooms in mid-February, is only got fattening buds. It has been a dreadful winter!