Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The costs of gardening and other updates

Back in January, I wrote a post about a group of activists in Ashland who were organizing to try to establish a community garden.  On Saturday, March 14, they held a forum at the public library.  I couldn't make the trip out there, but my friend Julie reported that 55 people attended, enough to fill the room and increase support for their efforts.  Hopefully town officials will take more notice.
It was a glorious weekend here in Boston, with Sunday's temperature in the 60s.  As my daughter turned soil in our backyard vegetable plot, I cleared out the leaves from a few perennial beds.  Later I started some broccoli (Fiesta organic) indoors.  After having decided to use an organic potting mix, I did happen to find some, though it was only available in a 32-quart bag, more than I think I'll need.  If any Minton Stable or other local gardeners need a little extra, they'll know whom to ask.  It turns out that the organic soil has an "organic wetting agent;" given what I had read up on before, I thought that expression was an oxymoron.  I hadn't gotten around to investigating what that means.  Out of curiosity I decided to fill one cell pack with some leftover non-organic potting mix and compare its progress with the other two.

So, to continue my ongoing calculation of the costs of gardening:
Potting soil (w/tax): $9.94
Previous total: $110.98
New total expenses: $120.92

Finally, if you're a local gardener, you might want to check out BNAN's annual Gardeners Gathering next Saturday.  It's a great opportunity to meet other gardeners, learn some tips, and pick up a few freebies.

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Dan said...

I just thinned my broccoli today. The count down is on as they can be planted out April 20th. I'm getting excited. Glade you found some organic potting mix.