Monday, December 14, 2009

Still harvesting

"Why are you always taking pictures of broccoli?" my daughter asked me today. Anyone who has followed my Monday harvest updates (as well as the links at the mother lode, Daphne's Dandelions) knows by now that's all that remains in my Minton Stable Garden plot. I visited the garden last Thursday, the day after our snow/rain event, expecting to pull up the plants entirely, but the sideshoots are still loving this weather. We'll see how long that lasts as nighttime temps start dipping into the twenties. For tonight at home, I'll roast this week's harvest along with a chicken, potatoes, and whatever else in the fridge I can throw in the pan.The community garden is now in winter mode. Brassicas are mostly what remain. Mainly kale. The topic of many of the emails going back and forth among Steering Committee members has shifted from who hasn't completed their work hours to who has signed up for snow shoveling; we won't even convene again until late January. There will be many gardeners I won't see again until around April, when we have our general meeting. In some ways I feel a little sad about this, but I've gotten used to it. Spring will be here in no time.


Dan said...

Your side shoots are coming in pretty large still, nice work! I pulled my plants before last harvest monday, I'm wondering if I should have left them in now!

Daphne said...

I'm thinking the same thing as Dan. Did I pull my broccoli too early? Then I think nah I'm happy I didn't have to dig out the plants to harvest. Yesterday I finished up the shoots that I harvested the week before.

So why do they have to shovel in the winter? Don't they just shut it down?

Michelle said...

Those are nice looking side shoots. Did you plant a sprouting type of broccoli or just regular heading broccoli?

Sally said...

Dan, I think I'll just get a few more sideshoots if any, then I'll have to battle with the frozen ground.

Daphne, see note to Dan. Also, we are responsible for shoveling the sidewalks that abut the property, about the equivalent of 2 or 3 house widths. But we also have a long path between the two entrances that we like to keep clear. We don't shovel the plot area though.

Michelle, the broccoli is Fiesta organic from Fedco seeds. They grew regular (though not huge) heads to start with, but they are known for their sideshoot production.

Giulietta Nardone said...

Hi Sally,

Funny question by the daughter! Hmmm, a photo exhibit of your late season veggies - broccoli from various angles. We are a bit broccoli obsessed in this country. (I'm in love with kale, now that I figured out how to make it chewable.)

I'm amazed your broccoli's still alive! That debunks some commonly held myths about freezing temps and vegetables.

Dan said...

Happy Holidays Sally!