Monday, November 2, 2009

Brief harvest Monday and plot update

It's been two weeks since I posted a harvest update. To my surprise, there continues to be a yield about which to report, and the list of Harvest Monday participants over at Daphne's Dandelions is growing again. Thanks to an amendment to the Minton Stable Garden rule that states that plots must be winterized by November 1, plants that are still producing can stay in the ground. In my case, it's still the broccoli sending out sideshoots (a nice addition to last night's stir fry) and a few more raspberries. I think by the end of next week I'll have enough raspberries to fill a package and add that information to my tally. After I filled my tiny baggie with the goodies I snapped a few photos to show off the compliance of most MSG gardeners. Luckily nasturtiums count as edibles and add some color.Tomorrow's a busy day, and I have to squeeze voting in there somewhere. We'll see which man--Menino or Flaherty (with Yoon)--will be at the podium at next year's Gardener's Gathering. Whoever it is, I hope he keeps the free compost coming.


Bryan Bunch said...

It is worth it to let the raspberries spread, although I have had to move some from their original plot because they really invaded the asparagus patch. We were on vacation and I did not expect raspberries when we got home because our neighbor had reported 3 frost nights while we were gone. But in the five days since we have been back, I have harvested 3 pints of raspberries and it looks as if there will be more. These ALL came from 3 or 4 plants that I picked up from those your neighbor put out in the street several years ago. You should thank her for me.

Sally said...

I'll thank her! I don't think hers are bearing any more this season, so you're lucky. Mine aren't the everbearing but I hope they'll spread enough for a slightly bigger patch next year.

Daphne said...

I'm glad they let you keep the plants that are bearing in the garden. I like when you have reasonable people setting the rules. BTW when you are ready to rip out your broccoli you can always peal then eat the stem. I love broccoli stems in stir fries. They are really tasty.

Dan said...

The nasturtiums really are going strong for this time of year. I have a few broccoli shoots coming on as well. I like your idea of the stir fry, I think that's were mine will go soon.

Giulietta said...

Nature seems to know when to stop growing for the winter.

Will you make raspberry jam?

I met a woman who's going to teach a canning class to make it possible to eat home-grown veggies thru the winter.

what did people do before supermarkets (BS)? they clearly figured out ways to stay alive during the winter. It's amazing how helpless we've all become.

am interested in your final tally.