Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday harvest post - last tomatoes

It's Monday again, time for another report about the past week's harvest. You can also check out the yields of other garden bloggers who have added their links to the bottom of Daphne's post. It seems that as I write this, there are only a few of us diehards participating this week. Hopefully, for the sake of the other gardeners, it's because they are simply too busy and not because they have nothing to report.In my case, I think I'll be counting the number of upcoming harvest posts on one hand. On Saturday, I picked what I believe to be my last standard-size tomato, from one of my front-porch containers. As you can see by the photo below, calling it standard in size is a bit of a stretch. The others, in the first photo, came out of my Minton Stable Garden plot, and as usual, I'm showing their unblighted sides. You may also notice that I'm getting a few snap peas from my fall plants that have only grown about 8 inches high. I probably have a few more but I have been so unimpressed that when I visited the MSG today, I had forgotten to check.The best news of the past week is the arrival of more raspberries on my new plants; I may actually accumulate enough to fill one of those small containers. I'll do another not-so-scientific estimate of their value after I pick a few more. I found out that organic broccoli was going for $2 a pound at the farmer's market, and since I don't have any idea how much I have picked in weight since I last included them in my tally, I'll postpone my estimate another week until I weigh and buy some and use that information to make another estimate. No science fair awards for me!So, just tomatoes and pole beans in my tally this week:

Previous benefits total: $127.05
1/4 pound (estimated) of green beans at $0.99/lb.: $0.25
1 1/2 pounds (estimated) of organically grown tomatoes at $3/lb.: $4.50
New benefits total: $131.80

Current costs total: $171.57
New balance: -$39.77

As I have said before, I am tallying my harvest out of curiosity and do not pursue gardening to save money on food expenses. But I can still look on the bright side: I haven't spent any money on the vegetable garden in weeks.


Daphne said...

Just wait until your raspberries take over. Then they will add a lot to your tally. In a couple of years they ought to be annoying weeds that keep trying to invade the rest of your plot. Well at least if we still keep getting all the rain we have in the last couple of years.

Giulietta the Muse said...

Hey Sally,

Like your veggie humor: Not showing us the blighted side of your tomatoes. Greatest veggie/fruit ever. Are they really fruit and if so, do they kick up our blood sugar levels?

Sally said...

Daphne, I love raspberries and looking forward to their taking over, even with the extra responsibility of keeping them at bay. At least they don't have the aggressive runners that strawberries have.

I didn't realize I was funny! Really. Anyway, technically tomatoes are a fruit but are often considered a veggie because of their savory (as opposed to sweet) flavor and application in cooking. The Diabetes association considers them veggies and they actually help keep blood sugar under control. Thanks for making me learn something after a night out!