Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scratching that gardening itch

Although on Sunday the temperature here in Boston reached the 50s, we know better.  Whether or not we choose to believe in the consequences of the groundhog's shadow, there's no denying that we still have at least another month before we can start working the ground, though we can see a little of it here at the base of the fence.
But that doesn't mean we can't plan ahead.  There are still seed orders to be placed, and a recent email from the MSG Steering Committee contained important dates to plug into our calendars, including a Sounds of the Garden fundraiser at the Midway Cafe on February 23 and the BNAN Gardener's Gathering on March 28.

The stubborn, hard ground has not prevented all victims of harsh winters from indulging in their favorite hobby.  Molly Day, who along with Martha writes the excellent and informative Oklahoma-based blog All the Dirt on Gardening, has been starting seeds indoors since January.  And I can always count on Dan of the Urban Veggie Garden Blog to fill me in on his activities, whether he's planting onions indoors or keeping his brussel sprouts and sage protected outside.  Who says you can't garden in Ontario in the winter?

Much closer to the MSG, Allan and Kim have forwarded me an impressive list of over 50 native perennial herbaceous varieties they have started this winter, many more than they can actually fit on their own property.  Allan hopes that perhaps some of the milkweed can be planted over at the MSG to create more of a butterfly habitat.  The other few gardeners I surveyed are much more like me; still putting together a seed order.  That counts, doesn't it?

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Dan said...

I am working on my last seed order as well. It sure is important garden work and fun too.

I think milkweed would be a great addition to the MSG. Another one that would be a good addition is Monarda. It would attract butterfly's and most importantly, lots of bee's.

Thanks for the link, glade I can help make your winter a little more enjoyable.