Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MSG through a different lens

For a year and a half I had been struggling with a digital camera that had to be resuscitated after being dropped in a Montana lake.  I had to open and close the shutter with my fingernails; forget close-ups and any control over settings.  So I was thrilled to find a Panasonic DMC-FS3 in my stocking on Christmas morning.  About the size of a deck of cards, it fits easily into my purse or pocket.  I'll be more likely to have it on hand whenever I'm in the Minton Stable Garden and need photos for my posts.  

As you can see today, however, there's not much life to document.  The cut-down perennials in my plot resemble porcupines stuck in the snow.
The John Carroll memorial, however, seems to be getting lots more foot traffic, but with temperatures in the thirties, I doubt that there will be much picnicking or contemplation here today.

I am still getting used to the new camera's settings, and I have found that it was easier to keep the heavier old camera steady when shooting.  But in 2009, I'll should have less of an excuse for taking photos such as this one.


Dan said...

There is no better gift them a camera. It will be great to see more photos! Study that camera book as you can take some spectacular photos with digital point&shoot's.

Martha said...

I'll confess that we left a fairly new digital camera outside after an especially long day of yard work on our 2.5 acres.

It rained that night and the camera could not be repaired.

We replaced it with a less expensive one that takes photos that are not up to the former and drowned camera's ability.

I'm fascinated by your work in the community garden.

Sally said...

After we fished it from the the pond, we took out the old camera's memory card and battery, and set everything out to dry. I'm surprised that we got as much use out of it as we did.

Thanks for the comments!